Marooned in World's 3rd Largest Island

By: Naifla Damahom Iniaz

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No offense Fotopages, but I've moved to...

Why? The truth of the tagline... among other gazillion reasons.

Peeps, you can find me here

C'ya there!

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The One with the Striking Resemblance

I was watching Akademi Fantasia when it struck me the resemblance between


was quite striking!

Jangan marah!
Question: Why did the student take a ladder to school?
Answer: Because he was going to high school!

O-M-F-G!!! Somebody pls tickle me!!!
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The One With the Tribute to the Hero

Arzumi Yuswira Yusof Izuddin aka "Wira" was my schoolmate back in MRSM Terendak. He was my classmate in form one some 12 years ago. Today after the Maghrib prayers he blew his last breath. I heard the news via SMS from a friend in KL.

I had known about his heart complications for quite some time but never had the opportunity to make out the time to visit him... this I regret very much forever because I was in KL the recent weekend. Perhaps I took for granted that he wasn't actually suffering from pain of the complications.... just passing out every now and then. He looked very much healthy when I met him a few months ago during a futsal game (he even played!) thus the optimism that he'll recover very soon. Unfortunately, till his last breath, the doctors were still baffled by the heart infection he'd been suffering from.

He was one of the most cheerful friends back in school. Maybe a bit mischievious but who wasn't? It's very hard to see him go mad at people.

He was also very humble despite being one of MAS' finest pilots.

His last visit to our school (i think?) was to motivate and inspire the juniors. I'd say he's one of the prime examples that came out from our batch; a successful airline pilot, already engaged and a very good looking young gentleman. It's just too ironic, sad and unbelievable that he went earlier. I guess Allah must've loved him more than us all.

The very latest picture of him I had. This was 3 months back during a friend's wedding reception.

I can go on and on about arwah but words aren't enough to describe his good deeds and times we'd been through together all these years. He will be dearly missed.

Semoga Allah mencucuri rahmat keatas rohnya.


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The One with the Clogged Lavatory that Stole My Halfday Leave!

I had it all planned when somebody decided to stick their sanitary pad (theoretically) in the aircraft's lavatory! I was thinking to take today a half-day leave since I'll be leaving KL for Bintulu at 11.15am... I should be arriving somewhere during lunch time and can go straight to werk but the aircraft only left at 2.30pm! I was at the airport since 10am... yeah... I waited for 4.5 hours! + There goes my half day leave... *sigh*

Apparently it took the engineers that long to repair the lavatory... it's okay guys as long as the flight won't be filled with "earthly" odours (ewww)!

Luckily MAS was generous enough to give us free lunch at a local fast food restaurant, Butler's. On top of that they still served us meals on the flight.

The routine again:
Nurse: Why are you jumping on the bed?
Patient: I forgot to shake the medicine bottle when I took the medicine.

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The One with the Hanging Out in the Megamall

Destiny's child!
me with the new rayban look!
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OMG it's like the whole of KL was converged to the megamall today. I've never looked for a parking spot that long! Anyway, all the trouble paid off when my friends and I meet up at a mamak restaurant just outside the mall. We were discussing last minutes plans for Bali in the restaurant when it struck me that I'd be needing a new sunglasses to replace the old broken one. My friends were ecstatic when they heard my plan of buying a new pair of sunglasses! Suka nak window la tue... So we're off to do a bit of shopping!

Somehow this:

Reminds me of this videoclip:

Bley? !

Anyway, after browsing a few shops, I finally bought myself a new pair of Raybans... felt like I've been robbed RM300 in broad daylight huhuhhu! Jaja bought herself a new pair of RM200+ CKs too... well at least I wasn't alone. Then we went to Kamdar to buy some stuffs somebody ordered from Bintulu. We also bought a maternity dress as a present for one of our soon-to-be mummy friends. Our legs started killing us giving us signs that we'd have to chill out a li'l bit... so we hanged out at Starbucks (my treat ). We were there for almost an hour or so before we continue our aimless mall-raiding window shopping quest!

Well somebody suddenly felt hungry and has this strange craving for pizza. Pizza hut was full house so we went to Shakey's. Thanks Nazham! There we talked more and snapped more pictures. OMG you guys are the best shopping buddies anybody could have... Thank you very much for the great time luv you all soooo much!

Before I end this, nak jugakkk letak:
Question: Where do cows go when they travel back in time?
Answer: The past-ure!

Soooooooo friggin' lame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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